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あさラジオ Ep.97「京都の怖い話(こわいはなし)」


Momoko To Nihongo あさラジオ Ep.97

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ちらほら:here and there, => 色々なところでちょっとずつ。

見られるようになりました。=> It became that you can see, = Now you can see







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リスナーから「あなたの町の怖い話を聞きたい」というリクエストがありました。 なんで!!!?? 私は怖い話が好きじゃないから、あんまり話したくなかったけど・・・ でもGoogleで調べてみたら、いくつか京都の怖い話を見つけたので紹介します・・・

え〜、みなさん、清水寺というお寺を知っていますか? 京都に来たことがある人は、たぶん知っていますよね。 清水寺は京都のとても有名なお寺です。 お寺:temple, 有名な:famous

清水寺はとても高いところにあります。景色がとても綺麗に見えます。景色:view でも、清水寺の下は・・・・・ その下は・・・ 昔、死体を捨てる場所だったそうです・・・・・ きゃーっ 昔:old days, 死体:dead people, 捨てる:to throw away, 場所:place やだ〜〜〜 怖い〜〜 もう清水寺行きたくない〜〜〜〜

はい、次は京都の北にある「みどろがいけ(深泥池)」という池です。 北:north, 池:pond

昔、ここでタクシーに乗った1人の女の人がいました。 タクシーに乗る:to get on a taxi タクシーはその女の人を乗せて、目的地まで行きました。 目的地:destination

そして目的地に着いたとき、女の人はもういませんでした。 その代わりに、後ろのシートがびしょびしょに濡れていました・・・。 きゃーー!


あぁ、あと、京都の北の方には海があるんですけど、 お盆の時、8月の15日くらいですね。お盆の時に海へ行くと、海に足を引っ張られて、あの世へ連れて行かれてしまうんです! 海:sea, ocean, 足:legs, 引っ張る:to pull, あの世:afterlife, the world that people go after death, 連れて行く:to take someone


はい、まだ色々怖い話があるらしいですが、私もこわいのでこれで終わりです。笑 もっと知りたい人はネットで調べてください!

今日も聞いてくれてありがとうございました。 じゃあまたね。

(97) Wednesday, October 27, 2021 Today’s weather is sunny. The temperature is 19 degrees Celsius! We can already see the autumn leaves here and there. Here and there, => here and there, => little by little in various places. It became that you can see. => It became that you can see, = Now you can see

I think it will be about two weeks before we can see the beautiful autumn leaves.

This Saturday, I have an interview for graduate school! I’ll do my best!

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Today’s episode is called “Scary Stories from Kyoto”!

A listener requested to hear a scary story about your town. Why! I don’t really like scary stories, so I didn’t really want to tell you one … But I looked it up on Google and found a few scary stories about Kyoto, so here goes…

I didn’t really want to talk about it because I don’t like scary stories, but I did a quick Google search and found some scary stories about Kyoto… If you’ve ever been to Kyoto, you probably know about it. Kiyomizu-dera is a very famous temple in Kyoto. Temple: temple, famous: famous

Kiyomizu-dera is located at a very high place. The view is very beautiful. scenery: view But underneath Kiyomizu-dera is ・・・・・ Underneath that… It used to be a place to dump dead bodies. ・・・・・ Yikes! old days: old days, dead bodies: dead people, throw away: to throw away, place: place Oh no, I’m scared, I don’t want to go to Kiyomizu-dera anymore 〜〜〜〜

Yes, next is a pond in the north of Kyoto called Midorogaike (deep mud pond). North: north, pond: pond

There was once a woman who took a cab here. to get on a cab: to get on a cab The cab picked up the woman and took her to her destination. destination: destination

When the taxi arrived at the destination, the woman was no longer there. And when the taxi arrived at my destination, the woman was gone, but the back seat was soaking wet…. Yikes!

Yes. So, I heard that there are no cabs running at all near this pond now. LOL!

Oh, and there is a sea in the north of Kyoto. There is a sea in the northern part of Kyoto, about the 15th of August. If you go to the ocean during Obon, the ocean will pull your feet and take you to the other side! sea: sea, ocean, legs: legs, pull: to pull, afterlife: afterlife, the world that people go after death, take: to take someone

Yes, so don’t go to the sea during Obon, August 13-15!

Yes, I heard there are still many scary stories, but I’m scared too, so that’s it. LOL! If you want to know more about it, please go online!

Thank you again for listening to me today. I’ll see you later.





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