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あさラジオ Ep.76「食べ歩き(たべあるき)」

Momoko To Nihongo あさラジオ Ep.76

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Instagram: momoko.nihongo


先週はちょっとバタバタしていました。バタバタしている = いそがしい。


実は今、東京に来ています。大学院を見るためです。大学院は graduate university.

私は大学院で勉強したいので、そのテストのために勉強しています。大学院では日本語教育を学ぶつもりです。教育:education, 学ぶ:to learn




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食べ歩きは、食べながら歩くことです。To walk while you are eating, walk and eat


日本では、食べ歩きをすることが禁止されていません。禁止する:to forbid



人が多い:there are many people, 通り:street

せまい:narrow, 人とぶつかる:to hit people, 危険:danger, risk




楽しめる:you can enjoy




屋台は、food standですね。お祭りではたくさんの屋台が、並びます。

並ぶ:to line up, to be in a row, to stand side by side


いや〜、これはめっちゃ楽しいですよ。めっちゃ:very much


〜できたらいいなぁ:I hope I can do…



マナー:manners、 違反:violation,

電車の中で食べることはマナー違反:It is bad manners to eat in a train.



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Monday, June 21, 2021 Today’s weather is cloudy. The temperature is 28 degrees. I was a little fluttering last week. Fluttering = busy. I was fluttering, which means I was busy. Actually, I’m in Tokyo now. To see the graduate school. The graduate school is a graduate university. I want to study in graduate school, so I’m studying for that test. I plan to study Japanese language education at graduate school. Education: education, learn: to learn

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Today’s topic is “eating out”! Do you guys “eat and walk”? Do you know anything about eating and walking? Eating and walking is walking while eating. To walk while you are eating, walk and eat

Is it okay to “eat and walk” in your country? In Japan, eating and walking is not prohibited. Prohibit: to forbid Therefore, you can eat and walk in the city or in the park. However, there are some places where it is better not to eat while walking. For example, it’s a busy street or a place where there is a danger of colliding with people. There are many people, street: street Narrow: narrow, collide with people: to hit people, danger: danger, risk

It would be hard if you were walking while eating ice cream and bumping into people. Therefore, it is better not to “eat and walk” in places with many people.

However, there are places where you can “eat and walk”, no, there are places where everyone can enjoy eating and walking. Enjoy: you can enjoy

It’s a festival! Festival: festival Summer festivals are very famous in Japan. At the festival, many “food stalls” are lined up. Do you know the food stalls? The food stall is a food stand. Many food stalls line up at the festival. Line up: to line up, to be in a row, to stand side by side Of course, you can buy food and drinks at the food stalls, so you can buy chocolate bananas and juice at the food stalls and walk while eating them to enjoy the festival. No, this is really fun. Very much: very much Many festivals will be canceled this year probably because of Corona, but next year I wish I could eat at the festival like I used to. ~ I wish I could: I hope I can do …

Oh, but don’t eat or drink on the train or on the bus. This is a violation of etiquette. Manners: manners, violation: violation, It is bad manners to eat in a train.

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