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あさラジオ Ep.6「人前(ひとまえ)で上手(じょうず)に話(はな)す方法(ほうほう)」

Momoko To Nihongo あさラジオ Ep.6

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人前で = in front of people

上手に = well, skillfully

話す = to speak

方法 = method, way




深呼吸 is to breathe deeply. 深 is deep and 呼吸する is to breathe.



吸う is to breathe in, 吐く is to breathe out.




瞑想 = meditation です。瞑想をしましょう。

スピーチやプレゼンテーションの前に、10分くらい瞑想をしたら、心が落ち着きます。Calm down, 落ち着きます。

Youtube でmeditation とか瞑想って調べたら、たくさん動画が出てきますから、それを使って瞑想をすることもできます。


ゆっくり、slowly ゆっくり話しましょう。




経験 = experience. 経験しましょう。


慣れる = to get used to.

2回、3回、5回、10回、、、 10回もスピーチをしたら、たぶん、もっと上手に話せるようになっているはずです。

最初はみんな緊張します。To be nervous 緊張します。最初は、みんな緊張しますよ。だから、たくさんスピーチを経験して、慣れていきましょう。







Arigato Google Sensei

Wednesday, January 20, 2021 Today’s weather is cloudy and then sunny. The temperature is now twice. It seems that lunch will go up to eight degrees. It won’t rain today, so I’ll do the laundry. The time I woke up today is 6:50! I slept well today. But I have a slight stomachache. I wonder why.

Thank you to those who made requests on Instagram! If you would like to request a topic on Asa Radio, check out my Instagram story. If you want to see the Asa Radio script, check out my homepage. There are Japanese and English scripts. Thank you for Youtube.


Today’s topic is “How to speak well in public”!

In public = in front of people Well, skillfully Speak = to speak Method = method, way

Can you speak well in public? Today, I would like to share four tips for speaking well in public.

First, take a deep breath. Deep is to breathe deeply. Deep is deep and breathe is to breathe. Take a deep breath. Inhale loudly and exhale slowly. Inhale is to breathe in, exhale is to breathe out. It seems good to smoke for 3 seconds and spit for 6 seconds. Let’s vomit for a long time.

Second, let’s meditate. Meditation = meditation. Let’s meditate. Meditate for about 10 minutes before giving a speech or presentation to calm your mind. Calm down, calm down. If you look up meditation or meditation on Youtube, you will see a lot of videos that you can use to meditate.

Third, let’s talk slowly. Speak slowly, slowly. Speak more slowly than you think. I’m talking very slowly on my radio. It’s easier to hear if you speak slowly.

Fourth, let’s experience. Experience = experience. Let’s experience. As you gain experience, you will gradually become accustomed to speaking in public. Get used to = to get used to. If you give two, three, five, ten, … ten speeches, you should probably be able to speak better. Everyone gets nervous at first. To be nervous I’m nervous. At first, everyone gets nervous. So let’s experience a lot of speeches and get used to it.

Yes, how was it? By the way, I am a Japanese teacher, but since I teach online, I don’t have much experience speaking in front of many people. I also need more experience speaking in public.

Have a nice day today as well. See you.

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