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あさラジオ Ep.3 「コンビニ」

Momoko To Nihongo あさラジオ Ep.3




昨日の夜は、友達と長電話しちゃいました。長電話する = to talk on the phone for long time (long time phone call) 昨日の夜は、友達と3時間、長電話をしてしまいました。楽しかった!






コンビニは、convenience storeの略です。便利なお店、それが、コンビニ。



東京には、およそ(about) 7,000軒のコンビニがあって、今でも、どんどん増えています。





カップヌードルを買ったら、コンビニでお湯を入れられます。お湯 = hot water




それから、ATMでお金をおろせます。お金をおろす = to withdraw money

ATMでお金をおろせます。お金を振り込む(send money)お金を振り込むこともできます。銀行みたいですね。




靴下、パンツ、タオルもあって、シャンプー、ボディソープ、歯ブラシもあるから、すぐに友達の家に泊まれます。You can stay at friends home anytime.

化粧品(cosmetics, make-up tool)もたくさんありますから、恋人の家に泊まりたい時も安心です。








Google Sensei’s translation

On Sunday, January 17, 2021, the weather in Kyoto today is cloudy and sometimes sunny, and the current temperature is 4 degrees Celsius, but it seems that it will rise to about 10 degrees Celsius at noon. I think I can go running today! Today I woke up at 7:15 … a little late? Lol I made a long phone call with my friend last night. Long call = to talk on the phone for long time (long time phone call) Last night, I made a long call with my friend for 3 hours. was fun!

Thank you to those who made requests on Instagram! If you would like to request a topic on Asa Radio, check out my Instagram story. (There are many katakana! W)

If you want to see the Asa Radio script, check out my homepage. There are Japanese and English scripts.


Today’s topic is convenience stores. Convenience store is an abbreviation for convenience store. A convenient store, that is a convenience store. There are many convenience stores in Japan! There are 56,000 convenience stores in all! Of course, the place with the most convenience stores is Tokyo, then Osaka, and then Aichi prefecture. There are about 7,000 convenience stores in Tokyo, and the number is still increasing. Buildings are counted as one, two, and three.

Everyone, Japanese convenience stores are really convenient stores. You can do various things at convenience stores!

You can buy almost anything small at a convenience store. Lots of juices, liquor, candy, lunch boxes, meat, fish, vegetables and food! We also have cup noodles and cup soup. If you buy cup noodles, you can add hot water at a convenience store. Hot water = hot water There is a hot water pot, so you can put hot water there. Cold lunches can be heated in the microwave. It’s a nice service even in the cold winter.

Then you can withdraw money at the ATM. Withdraw money = to withdraw money You can withdraw money at ATMs. Send money You can also transfer money. It’s like a bank. And you can send parcels and letters. It’s like a post office.

After that, you can buy books, manga, and magazines. It looks like a bookstore. You can drink delicious cakes, ice cream, and delicious coffee. It’s like a cafe.

Socks, pants, towels, shampoo, body soap, toothbrush, so you can stay at your friend’s house right away. You can stay at friends home anytime. There are many cosmetics, make-up tools, so you can rest assured when you want to stay at your lover’s house.

Recently, there is a convenience store called 100 Yen Lawson, and you can buy most of the goods for 100 Yen! This is really like a dream.

The clerk at the convenience store seems to be busy.

Thank you for listening today! Thank you for your subscription. See you dear~.




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